Ever thought of Aliens using U as their Gladiators? In shapeMutantsVsU, Alien treats you as their gladiator where you have to fight against the shape(balls/pipelines) mutants and to reach the end of the long road for your own freedom!

We believe that you play to end a game! Here it is! but with endless fun!

✪ Fun is endless but the game ends
✪ swipe and tilt controls for ease of use
✪ genuine 3D jump, duck down, left and right movement
✪ almost real and high quality scene
✪ buy health items and grenades from App store
✪ option to walk or run

✪ limited edition beginner level exposed
✪ provides a single life
✪ provides one player to choose from

✪ 6 exciting and challenging levels.
✪ provides 3 lives to start with
✪ provides several grenades to start with
✪ choose from multiple players

Play now and have fun!


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